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  Get to know yourself. Part I




  Get to know yourself. Part I

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I often refer to our body as being an electronic robot.

Why do I do that?

Again, we have to immerse ourselves in the field of quantum mechanics in order to have a clear vision and understanding.

This will help us to understand better who we are, this reality, disease, health, and above all, knowing will eliminate the fear which is preventing us from living our highest excitement.

In the previous article, I have mentioned that sacred geometry is the key without which we cannot unlock the mystery of life.

One simple process of a wave expansion and interaction creates Vesica Piscis.

The expansion of Vesica Piscis creates the magnetic field. The force that is trying to prevent this expansion is called the gravitational force.

Where the gravitational force meets the magnetic force, a spark is created.

The parks from the two opposite ends of Vesica Piscis are drawn to the center of the gravitational field which creates the light.

As the light waves collide in the center, they are driven towards the strongest magnetic field and back to the center of gravity. This movement we call the electric current.

As you can see, the quantum field is based only on waves that were created by an impulse/sound.

There is no matter anywhere to be found.

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The light wave is the only visible manifestation of the sacred geometry.

A program had to be created that will use the waves of energy and convert them into the matter and sensations.

This program was implanted into the brain and it allows us to feel and see this quantum energy as what we call our reality.

The brain converts the light into a particle we call photon.

The photons create electrons, protons, atoms, molecules...the matter.

There is no such thing as antimatter or the dark matter.

There is only the presence or the absence of light.

Nasim Haramein explains that energy is conscious of itself. It is a constant movement, a loop of infinity with infinite potential.

It expends and collapses into itself and with every process, it gains a new experience.


In the quantum field, there are no feelings, no senses, and sensations.

To become aware of those, the matter had to be created first.

Here comes the question. What was first the chicken or the egg?

Without the brain, we cannot manifest the particle. We cannot create the matter, so how can the brain be created if we need the brain to create the matter/brain?

The brain is a manifested by conscious energy. We gave this conscious energy name.

Some call it the great spirit, some call it God, Allah, Krishna, Chi, our higher self...

Jesus Christ called it Father.

You see, calling the priest Father, is utter nonsense and total misinterpretation.

Once the brain was created, infinite opportunities of manifestation were created with it, but what is the most important is the fact that the only way to experience emotions of pain, fear, and love is through the physicality.

We are always told that God is love.

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This is incorrect. The supreme energy of consciousness only experiences tranquility, bliss, nirvana, peace, stillness...it is all one and the same.

The brain's duality creates the sensation of fear. The brain will fear any change that it is not familiar with. Everything that is unknown to the brain creates fear.

The brain is bipolar. This bipolarity creates a doubt. This is why we cannot have faith in fear.

The emotion of love is created by the brain of the heart which is unipolar.

There is no doubt. Love brings faith.

Humans have been given permission to create.

The brain was creating chaos that the heart had to deal with.

Little by little, through multiple experiences, the love grew stronger and stronger until it became so powerful that it would willingly sacrifice itself for a benefit of another.

This is something new in this Universe, it brought a piece of new information to our Father. We have co-created a new powerful emotion.

Love is the superior emotion way more powerful than any other.

By achieving this strong emotion of love, we have completed the mission given to us.

The fearful and easily deceived mind was conquered by the love of the heart.

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One game is over and another game is being constructed as a part of the infinite possibilities that lay in front of us.

To be able to experience our reality a sophisticated robot was created.

We call this robot our body.

Since everything there is it just vibrating energy in a variety of frequencies, the brain was programmed to present those vibrations in a particular way.

Every atom, molecule, cell, organ, and the body as the whole are all specific frequencies which the brain projects through our eyes utilizing light. It can be perceived not just through our eyes but also through the third eye shown as the header of my blog.

The emotions are processed as feelings and cannot be seen. No light is involved in their creation.

The vibrational stability of the energy that creates our body depends on the voltage. Higher is the voltage, more stable is the vibration/frequency.

We call this resistance to change the immunity.

When our body vibrates correctly with the frequencies of the creation, we are healthy. Any deviation in the frequency will be interpreted by the brain as anomaly/sickness.

Since our body is immersed in a field of energy we call the environment, any deviation of the energy of the environment will have a profound effect on the frequencies of our body.

This means that a mechanism had to be created that will maintain the same vibration even if the vibrational energy of the environment changes.

This was achieved by the creation of a variety of blueprints that give instruction to the body (on the cellular level) about how to maintain the original frequency in an ever-changing environment.

Those blueprints we have named genes.

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The article is getting too long so the continuation will be published in the following blog.

Love and light to us all.

By darkovelcek

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